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DHRT Year 1 (Winter)

There are no textbooks required for:

  • DHRT*2160 Greenhouse Control Systems

Additional Options:

  • DAGR*2090 Communications & Software also requires a webcam and microphone

Arborists' Certification Study Guide, 3rd ed.

Required for Course(s): DHRT*4300 Arboriculture
Number in Stock: 4

Growing Greenhouse Vegetables in Ontario

Required for Course(s): DHRT*4190 Greenhouse Vegetable Production
Number in Stock: 13

MS Excel Software Manual

Required for Course(s): DAGR*2090 Communications & Software II
Number in Stock: 6

Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation

Required for Course(s): DHRT*2200 Plant Propagation
Number in Stock: 1

Set of 3 Scale Rulers with various graduations

Required for Course(s): DHRT*2090 Intro to Landscape Construction
Number in Stock: 4

Soil and Water Use in Agroecosystems Course Notes

Required for Course(s): DHRT*2230 Soil and Water Use in Agroecosystems
Number in Stock: 0