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DECM Year 2 (Winter) - Ridgetown

There are no textbooks required for:

  • DEQN*4190 International Equine Industry Practices
  • DEQN*4500 Equine Industry Internship

Additional Options:

  • DAGR*4600 Human Resources - Online option: HRM Connect instant access + eText available for purchase via CourseLink (approx. $89 + tax)

Financial Management Course Notes

Required for Course(s): DAGR*2020 Financial Management
Number in Stock: 156

Fit and Focused in 52: Rider's Weekly Mind-and-Body Training Companion

Required for Course(s): DEQN*4050 Rider Conditioning
Number in Stock: 22

Human Resource Management 5th ed. print text + Connect

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4600 Human Resource Management
Number in Stock: 106

Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, 5th ed.

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4090 Leadership
Number in Stock: 13

Marketing Course Notes

Required for Course(s): DAGR*3080 Marketing
Number in Stock: 29

Business Management for the Equine Industry (eBook)

Required for Course(s): DEQN*2040 Equine Business Venture
Library eBook: CLICK HERE

eText Business Plan, Business Reality, 5th ed.

Required for Course(s): DEQN*4320 Equine Business Venture
Your instructor will share information on purchasing this eText.