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DAGR Year 2 (Winter)

 Don't forget to check which courses you have enrolled in prior to placing your order 

There are no textbooks required for:

  • Advanced Topics in Dairy Production
  • Animal Health
  • Commodity Marketing
  • Cropping Systems
  • Farm Structures & Environment
  • Organic Production
  • Nutrient Management
  • Poultry Production
  • Renewable Energy & Agriculture

Additional Options:

  • DAGR*4600 Human Resources - Online option: HRM Connect instant access + eText available for purchase via CourseLink (approx. $89 + tax)

Building Your Dream: A Canadian Guide to Starting Your Own Business, 11th ed.

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4610 Business Project
Number in Stock: 0

Farm Business Planning

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4650 Farm Analysis Project
Number in Stock: 0

Human Resource Management 5th ed. print text + Connect

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4600 Human Resource Management
Number in Stock: 0

Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practice, 5th ed.

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4090 Leadership
Number in Stock: 0

Marketing Course Notes

Required for Course(s): DAGR*3080 Marketing
Number in Stock: 0

pH & EC Meter Combo + Additional Supply Kit

Required for Course(s): DHRT*4190 Greenhouse Veg Production; DHRT*4290 Advanced Greenhouse Veg Production
Number in Stock: 14

Ruminant Nutrition Course Notes

Required for Course(s): DAGR*4190 Ruminant Nutrition
Number in Stock: 0

PDF - Guide to Weed Control for Field Crops, Pub 75A

Required for Course(s): DAGR*2210 Applied Weed Science; DAGR*4210 Crop Diagnostics