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You must purchase and display a valid parking tag and register your vehicle(s) in order to park on campus.  Choose from three parking lots and only park in that specific lot.  If you register an additional vehicle, remember to move the tag to the vehicle you are bringing to campus. The student who purchases the parking tag is ultimately responsible for any unpaid fines.

  • $30 - Vet Tech Lot (Yellow): Located beside the Vet Tech Building and behind the Agronomy Building.  Tag numbers begin with 3000. 
  • $60 - RDC Lot (Orange): Located between the Agronomy Building, Willson Hall (Cafeteria), and Rudy Brown Rural Development Centre.  Tag numbers begin with 2000.
  • $120 - Steckley Lot (Blue): Angle parking located behind Residence, and parking lot on the west side of residence.  Tag numbers begin with 1000.

Fall 2021 - Winter 2022 parking passes will be available for purchase beginning August 23, 2021.

$30 Vet Tech Lot

 Tag numbers begin with 3000.  Located beside the Veterinary Technology building, and behind Agronomy building

$60 RDC Lot

Tag numbers begin with 2000.  RDC Lot located between Agronomy Building, Willson Hall (Cafeteria) and Rudy Brown Rural Development Centre

$120 Steckley Hall Lot

Tag numbers begin with 1000.  Angle parking lot by residence, and lot on west side of residence