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Vet Tech Lot


1. Vehicles and their contents are left here entirely at owner or driver risk.  The University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus will not be responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents.
2. All students, whether living on or off campus must register their vehicle. Vehicle registration includes paying the registration fee, providing vehicle license plate numbers and receiving a colour coded parking tag (daily & weekly parking registration is by license plate number). Unregistered vehicles are subject to a $15 fine and/or removal of vehicle at the owner's expense.  
3. Students, whether living on or off campus, are not authorized to park in any other campus parking lots.
4. Parking Fees:

Vet Tech Lot $300 / year Grey Tag
Willson Hall / RDC Lot (limit: 125 spots) $300 / year Purple Tag
Steckley Hall Lot (limit: 65 spots) $300 / year Green Tag
Weekly Parking (Vet Tech Lot) $20 / week N/A
Daily Parking (Vet Tech Lot) $5 / day N/A
Summer Semester VT Parking $175 / semester TBA

5. Parking and Driving Fines: Students will be subject to fines should any of the following occur: illegal parking, careless driving, speeding, leaving roadways, failing to obey traffic signs.
6. The foregoing regulations are effective upon your arrival.
7. Parking fines are a minimum $15 per ticket and will be viewable throught the student portal at portal.ridgetownc.com.
8. New license plate numbers must be registered immediately through the campus store.
9. Students requiring a temporary parking pass may purchase daily or weekly parking on the webstore at: https://store.ridgetownc.com/.
10. Replacement tags (lost/misplaced) can be purchased for $10 in Reception, Pestell Student Services Building.

Vet Tech Lot

Winter 2023 semester only
Number in Stock: 120
Licence Plate #
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle Colour
Tag Number (Office Use Only)

Registration for Additional Vehicle

Register a second vehicle on a shared tag.
Number in Stock: 152
License Plate # (Vehicle 2)
Vehicle Make (Vehicle 2)
Vehicle Model (Vehicle 2)
Vehicle Colour (Vehicle 2)
Tag Number (Office Use Only)