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$120 Steckley Hall Lot

You must purchase a parking tag and register your vehicle in order to park on campus.  There are three parking lots to choose from, and you may only park in that specific lot.  You may register an additional vehicle to a parking tag, however you must remember to move the tag to the vehicle you are going to be parking on campus.

Please note that the student who purchases the parking tag is ultimately responsible for any unpaid fines.

Steckley Hall Lot

Fall 2021 - Winter 2022
Number in Stock: 0
$120.00 (incl. No tax)
Price excl. No tax: $120.00
License Plate #
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle Colour

Registration for Additional Vehicle

Register a second vehicle on a shared tag.
Number in Stock: 57
License Plate # (Vehicle 2)
Vehicle Make (Vehicle 2)
Vehicle Model (Vehicle 2)
Vehicle Colour (Vehicle 2)